Wednesday, March 21, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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We are honored to have Harold Ross as one of six speakers for the Macro Photo Conference 2018. Other speakers are, Mike Moats, Don Komarechka, Jackie Kramer, Steve Gettle, and Mike Matthews.


Crowne Plaza – 7230 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
(near Cleveland)
Hotel Front Desk (440) 243-4040


Dates: October 27th and 28th 2018


Times: Saturday 8:00am to 6pm – Sunday 8:00am – 3pm

Cost: $199


More info about the conference and speakers, and to sign up. CLICK HERE



Harold Ross

After graduating from MICA in 1978, Harold produced photographic fine art and taught photography at the college level for several years. He opened a studio in 1987, and for almost 30 years, light painting has been the only method of lighting that he's used. (He refers to his process as “Sculpting with Light”)

2011, Harold was invited to participate in an exhibition of landscape photography in Inner Mongolia, China along with 10 other American and 20 Chinese photographers.  

He was also chosen as one of four photographers to exhibit in the inaugural FRESH exhibition at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

His large scale color work has been exhibited, collected, and published in the U.S. and internationally in The Royal Photographic Society (The Journal), Photo China MagazineProgresso Fotografico, Ukraine Photographer, as well as several other European magazines. In the U.S., his work was featured in LensWork #93LensWork #121, Professional Photographer Magazine, and Digital Photographer, among others. Digital publications include The New York Times LENS, Boing Boing, aCurator, LENSCRATCH, Colossal, Photigy, Luminous Landscape, and more.

Gallery representation: Susan Spiritus Gallery, CA., and High Noon Gallery, Beijing.

Harold lives in Lancaster County, PA, where he produces work and teaches workshops in his process. 



Sculpting with Light: A Transformative Process


 Join noted photographer Harold Ross for an information packed presentation on Sculpting with Light, a technique that he has been perfecting for more than 25 years.  

Harold will show you how his method of light painting can absolutely transform the ordinary subject into something remarkable. 

His lighting technique reveals extraordinary detail, shape, and dimension in his subjects. 

Harold will explain what he means by "Sculpting with Light", the advantages of light painting in still life work, his Six Principles of Lighting, and in reviewing some of his work, he will explain how these principles work in practice and he'll show why his process is so trans-formative. 


Friday, March 16, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Macro Boot Camp


Turtle Creek Lane, Sarasota, FL

Sign up HERE


April 16th, 10am to 4pm
April 17th 9am to 1pm


Bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod. There will be lots of stuff to shoot.


Covered in this workshop


Cameras / Lenses / Tripods / Heads / Accessories.
Controlling light with diffusers, reflectors, and LED lights / working with natural lighting.


Depth of Field
How to control depth of field with f/stops and special techniques / focus stacking with Helicon Focus.


Learn how to compose properly / finding character in nature / elements of design / textures / contrast / lines / light / visual weight / learning to work camera angles for blurred backgrounds / Two Subject Compositions / What not to do when composing.


Finding Good Subject Matter
Learn when, where, and how to find good subjects through out the four seasons. How to shoot macro indoors.


Post Processing
Learn Mike's post processing techniques using photoshop, Smart Photo Editor, Nik Software, and Topaz software programs.


Only 1 spot left.


Cost $169

Thursday, March 15, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Here are a few workshops that still have some openings. Others are now sold out.   

Macro Seminar April 21st, Palm Coast, Florida
Macro Boot Camp May 12th,13th, Loveland, Colorado

Sign up here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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This Thursday night, March 15h, I will be presenting a program on creating successful macro images for the Lehigh Valley Camera Club.  Location for the meeting is at the Banana Factory on, 25 W 3rd St. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Meeting starts at 7pm.  See you there.

Friday, March 09, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Today and tomorrow I'm at Old Car City in White, Georgia, about 50 miles north of Atlanta, two mile off I-75, teaching my annual spring workshop.  I'm the diffuser guy shading the cars.  4400 old cars in a pine woods, and six miles of trails.  The largest collection of old cars in the country.  If you would like to be part of my annual Fall workshop here in November, send me an email to be updated for sign ups.

Check out the video.