Macro Photo Club $79.00
Now taking on new members for the Macro Photo Club

We have 1000 paid members right now and opening up membership again.

No monthly payments, no yearly payments, one time payment for life in the club.

Over 150 instructional macro videos in four categories.

Macro Equipment and Tech Tips
Macro Composition
Macro Post Processing
Macro Tips From the Field

It doesn't end with the videos you start with, I will be updating the video library as we go.

Other Benefits.
Part of a club is to be a participant with other members, and we will be doing that through a group on facebook. All the info about what's happening in the club and also about monthly shooting assignments, contests, equipment giveaways from our club sponsors will all be posted there, along with lots of images posted by the members. If you have no desire to be part of the facebook Macro Photo Club, that's fine, you can just learn from the instructional videos and find updates posted on my blog here at the website..

Sponsors: Tamron, Vanguard, Acratech, Lensbaby, Hunt's Photo,Think Tank Photo Bags, Whimberly, Hoodman, Datacolor, Lensflipper.

Cost for lifetime membership is only $79.

For those 600 members who are on the current yearly membership program, you can rejoin now or wait until your yearly membership runs out. Current members will receive a discount when they rejoin. Contact me for the discount code before signing up.

Email me at
Seats available: 257
Seats available until: 9/17/2022
Total Price: $79.00