Saturday, November 17, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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This is just the start of my Macro Boot Camp for 2019.  So far I’ll be in Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Kentucky. Hope to add more states soon.

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina Macro Boot Camp CLICK HERE

West Des Moines, Iowa Macro Boot Camp CLICK HERE

Bowling Green, Kentucky Macro Boot Camp CLICK HERE

Springfield, Missouri Macro Boot Camp CLICK HERE

Friday, November 09, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Thursday, November 08, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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What are you waiting for, get with it and join my online Macro Photo Club. Get over 150 videos like this one, covering four categories, Tips From the Field, Composition, Equipment and Tech Tips, and Post Processing. Lifetime Membership only $79. Join Here

Monday, November 05, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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The 5th annual Macro Photo Conference near Cleveland was a great success. All speakers did a great job presenting, and attendees were having a great time. Mike Matthews had interesting critters to photograph, Don Komarechka set up water drops, Jackie Kramer worked with the flower photographers and lensbabies, Harold Ross taught all about light painting and Steve Gettle covered his amazing equipment set up from high magnification photography. Attendees came from 25 different states and we had 12 come down from Canada. Thanks to all attendees and speakers. We'll be back again in the same location in 2019 with an all new speaker lineup. Sign up will happen in January.

Monday, October 29, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Macro Boot Camp

Comfort Suites
5219 Page Rd
Durham, North Carolina 27703

April 13th, 2019 10am to 4pm
April 14th, 2019 9am to 1pm

Cost $199

Bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod. There will be lots of stuff to shoot.

Covered in this workshop

Cameras / Lenses / Tripods / Heads / Accessories.
Controlling light with diffusers, reflectors, and LED lights / working with natural lighting.

Depth of Field
How to control depth of field with f/stops and special techniques / focus stacking with Helicon Focus.

Learn how to compose properly / finding character in nature / elements of design / textures / contrast / lines / light / visual weight / learning to work camera angles for blurred backgrounds / Two Subject Compositions / What not to do when composing.

Finding Good Subject Matter
Learn when, where, and how to find good subjects through out the four seasons. How to shoot macro indoors.

Post Processing
Learn Mike's post processing techniques using photoshop, Smart Photo Editor, Nik Software, and Topaz software programs.

Sign up HERE