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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By Mike Moats Photography
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Hello photo friends,


Do you ever get home from a photography trip and think,


“Ahhhhh! I really need to get started editing my hundreds of images.”

Your family inevitably says,


“Can I see some of your shots?”


You say, “Yeah, let me get them edited real quick.”


They roll their eyes.


Because they know it always takes you FOREVER to get around to editing your work.


All they’ve seen is that one decent iPhone shot you posted to Facebook while you were there.


In fact, you haven’t even gotten around to editing your last vacation full of RAW files.


So the OVERWHELM begins to set in.


Which keeps you even further from just getting started with editing.

And it’s going to be as hard as ever to pick which ones are your BEST.


Then, once you finally do begin editing, you end up exporting too many images and sharing ALL of them with your family and friends.


Which makes them not want to ask to see your pictures next time. You know what I mean.


What if all of this could be different?


What if the day you arrived home from that big trip, you had a Pro photographer to hold your hand and make sure you knew which 10-15 were your very best?


Then, that Pro delivered the very best one of those Finalists to your door to hang on your wall as a huge canvas print! (Yes, you get the final say about which one is printed for your wall).

Too good to be true, right?


Not for long.


Please, please, please do yourself (and your family) a huge favor and meet my friend and Pro photographer Paul Hassell who has been perfecting this concept for almost two years.


Paul is founder of ALIVE Photo, a community of Pro photographers who exist to inspire you and get you UNSTUCK!


Click HERE if you’d like to CRUSH that feeling of “photographer’s block,” forever.


When you get to the Kickstarter page, watch the short video of Paul explaining how this trans-formative experience will work for you.


P.S. Did I mention that the ALIVE Pro community will screen-record the entire process performed on your own work in HD-quality (about 90 mins) for you to watch over and over again. That means you’ll be unstuck from your rut, FOREVER. Treat yourself (and your family) to something special this holiday season. Click HERE

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