Macro Photo Conference 2019
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Wednesday, January 02, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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Sixth Annual Macro Photo Conference 2019


Sponsored by TAMRON and HUNTS PHOTO

This is a unique annual photo conference dedicated to macro photography. I’ve always wanted to design a program where professional photographers could come together and teach their skills in macro photography and post processing techniques to those who want to learn, and advance their macro photography to the next level.


This Macro Photo Conference will have plenty of how-to lectures and five hours of photographing with varying subject matter. The speakers will be available to help participants with composing subjects and technical aspects. So you need to bring your camera, macro lens, and tripod. The Macro Photo Conference is for all skill levels.


Speakers will have their books available, and will be happy to sign them for you.


Leading New England photo retailer Hunt’s Photo will be there selling lots of photo products. Tamron will have a tech rep on hand with lenses available for you to try out.


There will be a limit of 100 participants, and it should sell out quick. Last year we had participants from 27 different states.



Crowne Plaza – 7230 Engle Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
(near Cleveland)


Dates: October 19th and 20th 2019


Times: Saturday 8:00am to 6pm – Sunday 8:00am – 3pm

Cost: $199





For those flying in, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Hotel offers free round trip airport shuttle every 15 minutes (available 24 hours) Hotel 5 minutes from airport.


The hotel group block room rate is $119.




To Sign Up, go to CLICK HERE






Mike Moats

Mike is an international award winning professional macro photographer. His images and articles have been published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Natures Best Magazine, Shutterbug, PC Photo Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Photolife, Whisper In The Woods, Michigan Game Finder, NANPA’s Expressions Books, Pure Michigan Book, Tamron’s blog,and Fujifilm’s Newsletters. Mike has won numerous local and international awards, and is a member of Tamron’s “Image Masters”. Mike offers many options to learn about macro photography.


Program Description: The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer


As a pro macro photographer I am asked many times what is the equipment that I use. In my program I will cover the camera, lenses, tripod/head and all the accessories that I use to make my living. Controlling depth of field, and finding character.




Les Saucier

Les Saucier is a professional photographer and teacher of his craft, who for more than thirty-five years, has taught workshops across the country. As an educator, Les has taught nature photography at the University of Georgia and Western Carolina University, and has been a presenter for NANPA and for Carolina Nature Photographers Association (CNPA). He is the designer of a macro photography tool known around the world, the Macro FlowerPod™. Les lives in Brevard, NC, with his wife, Janet, who is also a professional photographer and teacher. Together they are Saucier Photography, offering workshops that teach photographers how to create images with heart.



Macro Photography with Heart, Moving from Prose to Poetry


When macro photographers begin their journey into the amazing world of smallness, often our first efforts are that of recording macro subjects. We photograph flowers, ferns, insects and the smaller parts of larger things. We are capturing “things” as the subjects. In other words, we are capturing the “prose” of photography.


As we grow in our craft, macro photographers may learn to see beyond the “things,” also known as labels. In this program, Les will open the door into a new macro world where the photographer gains the ability to see beyond the prose and move toward creating poetry, or adding heart, in his or her image. This is achieved by understanding the elements of graphic design that impact the subject. Join Les on a macro photographer’s journey toward learning what are the most important graphic design elements for photography, as well as other visual impact tools, that catch and hold the viewer’s interest.



Monica Royal

Monica Royal’s macro imagery is widely recognized as unique and innovative. She is a published and award winning fine art photographer. Her artwork has been published in photography and art magazines across the U.S.  As a social and entertaining artist, she has become a sought after speaker & private coach. Monica travels across the United States and Canada speaking and teaching with the sponsorship of Tamron USA, Miller’s Professional Imaging and Savage Universal behind her. Monica has permanent art installations in public venues in Canada, the U.S. and Guam as well as a long list of private collectors.   She also licenses her fine art commercially; primarily in the health care field. She has exhibited at the Escondido Art Gallery in Escondido California and the Natural History Museum in San Diego, California.



Mastering Macro Fine Art Photography


Macro Photography is a uniquely complex and fascinating area of photography. It allows your mind to wander and your creativity to flow unobstructed. All you need to understand are the basic building blocks of good visual design. Beyond composition, how we use lines, value, texture, color and shape all play a role in how we make spectacular macro images. I will be showing examples of what makes good macro images and then what it takes to make even better macro images! I’ll share all of my secrets for making those pesky little water drops hang off of flower petals and I’ll demonstrate why their placement in the composition is so critical.




Lou and Todd Nettelhorst

LOU NETTELHORST, photography educator

Lou Nettelhorst is, first and foremost, a photography teacher. He is also an award-winning photographer and stunning image-maker.  The hallmark of Lou’s style is his eagerness to share his professional experience and techniques. Lou has been a teacher to thousands of aspiring photographers and Lou’s images have been published in Nature’s Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer, North American Nature Photography Association’s (NANPA) Member Showcase and Chicago Wilderness Magazine, as well as many newsletters. In 2010, he received the Kohout Outstanding Nature Photographer’s Award from the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association (CACCA). In 2019, Lou became a NANPA Fellow for his significant contributions to the profession of nature photography over at least twenty years.


TODD NETTELHORST, photography educator

Todd Nettelhorst has had a passion for photography and videography much of his life. He started photographing at a very young age when his father gave him his first SLR camera. His appreciation of photography grew while traveling throughout the country during the summer family road trips.  Clients sought him out for his ability to capture personality and expressions that brought out the uniqueness of his subjects. Todd began shooting commercially for a variety of clients in 2006 and has photographed various events, architecture, engagements and products.  Through Nettelhorst Image’s workshops, outings and classes, Todd helps his students explore and develop the best of their creative abilities through photographic education.




MACRO COMPOSITION: Small Subjects, Big Impact


This program is perfect for you if you want to learn how to compose exciting, interesting images of small subjects. Lou and Todd will take you through their four basic tips for EVERY shot. You’ll learn how focus and depth of field affect your compositions and be guided through ways to create special effects and conceptual imaging. You are sure to gain the knowledge to improve your macro photography and leave feeling energized to seek out those larger than life size photos!


Tom and Lisa Cuchara

Tom and Lisa Cuchara are known throughout the Greater New England Area for their expertise in Photography, and in Photoshop, and for their inspirational and informative photo tours, classes, and workshops. They both have created numerous award winning photographic images and enjoy sharing their vision, passion and knowledge with other people. They have published two books with Amherst Media. The first called “Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic Places and Rusty Things” is about their HDR and light painted images; it can be ordered from Amazon and is also available at brick and mortar bookstores like Barnes and Noble. Their second, one year later, is called “The Frog Whisperer” You can learn more about Lisa and Tom at and check out their workshops at


Program Description

Focusing on the Details of Wabi-Sabi

This program will explore the beauty of imperfect and/or unconventional subjects. As nature photographers we often seek out the flowers, leaves and such that are not perfect, but rather have character, the double headed flower, the decaying fall leaves, the deformed coneflower that stands out as flawed and hence different and beautiful. This program will also explore the concept of slowing down and appreciating the beauty of everyday life, things that might be overlooked. As purveyors of rust and decay we appreciate the perseverance and beauty of “life after humans” as cars and equipment falls apart and succumbs to oxidation and decay. Wabi-Sabi teaches us to find beauty in everyday life. It is a kind of anti-aesthetic, an alternative to the dominating discriminatory ideas we hold about beauty. “Wabi means a beauty of elegant imperfection. Sabi means aloneness. Together, they suggest the beauty of ‘the withered, weathered, tarnished, scarred, intimate, coarse, earthly, evanescent, tentative, ephemeral.’ ~ Crispin Sartwell, Six Names of Beauty. It is a way of honoring that everything is impermanent, and we are always in a state of both becoming and falling away. It is used to describe a particular philosophy that beauty can be found in the old, the everyday, the imperfect. Wabi Sabi applies to more than nature and the seasons of change and decay, but it also to the “Life after Humans” arena or UrbEx (urban exploration). As a side note, the term Wabi Sabi can also be part of the social movement of embracing imperfection of your physical traits as a human being, especially with respect to self-perception and celebrating imperfection in a society that encourages people to be perfect and pressures people to be flawless.


Hazel Meredith

Hazel is involved with the photographic community on local, regional and national levels. She is a past Vice President on the board of the New England Camera Club Council (NECCC), secretary of the Connecticut Association of Photographers; and a member of the Greater Bridgeport Camera Club; and active in the Photographic Society of America (PSA). In 2012 she received the PSA Service Award and in Sept., 2013, she was awarded the distinction of APSA from the PSA. At the NECCC Conference in July, 2018, she received the distinction of HonNEC. Hazel teaches at many camera clubs and photographic conferences throughout the U.S. and she is a regular webinar presenter for Topaz Labs. In 2017 she and her husband, Dave, founded the “Creative Photography Conference”. She released her first eBook, “Working with Textures & Overlays: Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art” in October 2015, and Book 2 in the Spring of 2019.



 Creativity with Textures & Topaz

“Turn Ho-Hum into a Work of Art”



My favorite things to work with are textures and the Topaz suite of products. I will demonstrate several techniques for adding textures to your images to create your own “works of art”.


We will cover using textures of various types – including how to create your own – as well as using brushes for texturing. I will also show how Topaz Texture Effects can be used to apply your textures quickly and easily.


Padma Inguva

Padma Inguva called New Jersey her home for over two and a half decades after she immigrated from the artistically rich lands of India. In her early years, she inherited a love for gardening from her father, which led her to nurture an abundant garden in her backyard. Padma keenly composes/assembles creative and educational events for photographers through meetup groups in NJ, NY, and DC area to share her passion with co-creators in this space. She leads several photo workshops and tours to teach skills around applications such as  Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and  Topaz Texture Effects. Her workshops receive rave reviews from participants and she is known for an overwhelming exuberance in sharing her wealth of knowledge.



Program: Photographing flowers on Lightbox 


In this program, Padma will be demonstrating the art of photographing flowers for translucency using a lightbox as well as discuss the workflow of post-processing the captured images in Lightroom If time permits, Padma will discuss advanced techniques of blending bracketed images in Photoshop and various plug-ins to enhance the images.

Participants will be able to practice the newly learned techniques on lighbox setups.




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