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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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I sometimes like to surf the web and visit other photographers blogs and read what they have to say. Some will talk about the philosophy, deep spiritual feel, or a story in their photography. I have to confess that I don’t have anything to say with my photography other then they are just pretty pictures. I feel good when I view my images, but they are just pretty picture with no deep thoughts or special meaning behind the image. It’s like when you see a painting with some wild strokes of colors, strange designs, or a small red dot on a large white canvas, and the artist says there is a meaning in the painting, but darned if I can ever figure it out.

I guess I’m not a deep enough thinker for that type of art. I do like to create abstracts with my macro, but none of it has any meaning other then it just looks cool. When I tried to sell my abstracts at the art shows, it failed miserably. I took all the abstracts out of my booth after the first year because everyone bought the pretty pictures of something simple that they could recognize.

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Maria Fernandez - Hi Mike! I recently took your workshop and instantly fell in love with your work. I think because the way I like to take pictures is very much the same way you do. Love abstract also. Your work, the art, composition, light, fade away (blur}, vibrant, color is stoning. I could go for ever. I think when we the photographers, artists see anything that we love we compose the picture without thinking because there's not need to ,it comes naturally from our hearts and then we capture and transfer our emotions of what we saw without thinking and becomes beauty from our souls. Sorry I'm not a good at writing. Thank you for sharing your fantastic pictures!!!
Meghan - I couldn’t agree more! Your photographs are simple, but in that simplicity is beauty! I think a lot of people are drawn to that. Keep it up and keep inspiring the rest of us. Thank you
Winifred Chrzanowski - Mike, I love it. Thanks for being so candid. It's cool to just take pretty pictures and you certainly do it well.
Mike Moats - Thank you Winnie, glad you liked it.
Richard - I totally agree, the fun for me is in the taking of the photos. Trying to do better, see more, see things differently.