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Monday, June 03, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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While proper equipment, knowing how to shoot, and Photoshop skills are definitely helpful, they do not guarantee a good photo. This is because light, weather, and environment for nature photography are unpredictable. No amount of technical prowess will help you over come this unpredictable behavior of nature photography. This goes for macro photography as well. The only way to overcome this unpredictability is to be creative.



Lets be honest creativity is hard because there are no rules or cookie cutter approach to follow. Pro photographers Jay & Varina Patel use creative photography tool kit that they have developed over the past decade to capture unique photos like these with their Lensbaby Macro Lenses (yep that humming bird was also captured with a Lensbaby using a super easy to use Focusing technique):


What is creative photography took kit? It is a collection of options available to a nature photographer that allows them to capture breathtaking photos no matter what. Their latest landscape photography tutorial Creative Photography with Lensbaby course offers an in depth look at our creative photography tool kit and how they use it capture some striking photos. 


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FYI: The best part is that you also get free access to any new video tutorial posted on Visual Wilderness while your streaming access is active. ;)

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