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Thursday, February 07, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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In the past I had an anonymous comment at my blog, and not sure if it was male or female, but judging from the nasty content I assumed it was driven by the testosterone of a male.


Anyways this person was very upset by the fact that I post so many of my images using post processing filters, and that I encourage others to use filters to enhance their images.


Digital photography has grown into many different art forms, and I think that is a good thing. It’s perfectly fine if you believe in creating images with the traditional look of a photograph, but now we have options going well beyond the traditional photographs if we choose to do that.


Not sure why some photographers get upset over this, as it is each photographer’s decision on how he or she wants their images to look.


I show my images with post processing that I like, and suggest that you all give it a try, but I don’t go on a rant saying you have to do it my way. If you like traditional looking photos then do it that way.


If it bothers this person so much on how I process my images, then why is this person following me?


Seems to me if they don’t like what they see with my images, they would stop following me and follow other photographers that think like they do.


As an artistic person I will always be looking for something new and different for my photos.


I don’t go around bashing others for the styles that they choose, and there are some things I see I don’t care for. I’m not criticizing those photographers for what they like, they didn’t created their images to make me happy.


I do see a lot of that on some photo forums. People getting nasty because they don’t like what they see. Not sure why those people feel they have the right to tell others how their photos should look.


Do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think.

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BOB DUMON - Amen!!! I get a kick out of "photographers" who say they will NEVER alter a photo in any way because they are "purists." Many of these "purists" are folks who are initially too afraid of trying Lightroom or Photoshop, or Topaz filters, yet once they do they very quickly abandon their "standards" and become delighted by some of the results they are then able to attain using software enhancements. But in the end, whatever works for YOU is really all that matters. I enjoy working in post. Some folks don't. C'est la vie....
Heinz - Let everyman seek heaven in his own fashion.
Unfortunately tolerance seems not a big issue in these days.

John - If someone is taking news or documentary photography, the convention is to not change much at all since it is kind of a document to represent what was there. I also think a photographer has the freedom to use any tool to interpret a picture in any way if it is not intended to be a "document." So I think of pictures as like a painting and I am free to change colors, to apply effects, to remove blemishes or do whatever I want. I do not try to present my photos as 100% accurate representations. But a lot are pretty close if I get it right in the camera.
Mike Moats - Agreed, thanks John.
Lisa Flanagan - I totally agree. I have recently just started leaning to use textures and other techniques. I love the flexibility of having so many tools. It is part of the creative process to figure out what technique works with what image. I’ve certainly had some failures when trying to figure it out, but I’ve also had some images turn out pretty good. I do agree, you have to do what you like some will appreciate it and others won’t. But in the end it’s your work. Personally I love to see what others do, whether it’s “my thing” or not, it often inspires me to try something new or different.
Mike Moats - Amen Lisa.