A Different Kind of Photo Conference
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Tuesday, March 05, 2019
By Mike Moats Photography
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I have always recommended that photographers attend photo conferences where they get to hear some great speakers, and hopefully learn some new things to help them grow as photographers.  One of the issues I see when attending a photo conference is that there may be a lot of speakers, but they may not be speaking about what you are interested in.


If you are a dedicated macro photographer like me, you may not be all that interested in hearing someone speak about, portrait photography, street photography, wedding photography, or even landscapes, and wildlife photography.  You pay the price to attend a conference and find that only one speaker may be talking about what you like.   So you don't get the full benefit of the money you spent to attend.


When I started my Macro Photo Conference six years ago, my idea was to have a full two day conference dedicated to one style of photography, macro.  So you get the benefit of hearing 8 speakers covering the style of photography that most appeals to you.  


Some photo conferences are mainly set up as lectures with limited or no shooting opportunities.  In the Macro Photo Conference we have over 100 set ups to photograph, and four hours of shooting time, with the speakers walking the floor helping anyone with questions.


So if this is something the sounds good to you, and are looking to grow as a macro photographer, check out the sixth annual 2019 Macro Photo Conference, near Cleveland, Ohio.


Check it out here. https://tinyurl.com/ybnd92x7 

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